How to create a Flowpage

Organize all your links in one mobile-first landing page called a Flowpage 

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Make your Flowpage in 5 steps

Step 1. Name your page

Think of this as your page's handle.

If you're creating a page for your business, input your business's name, as it will appear in the link to your Flowpage.

Create a Flowpage Step 1

Step 2. Create a bio

Start by inputting your Bio information.

In this section, you can upload your logo, add the name you want to appear, and a short description of your page. 

Create a Flowpage Step 2

Step 3. Add links

Add links and widgets to your Flowpage. Standard links are listed across the top for websites, social pages, etc. For widgets like contact collection, scroll through the "Advanced links". 

Pro Tip: Start with the basics! Personal pages with 10 or less links get more engagement.

Create a Flowpage Step 3

Step 4. Personalize it

Once you finish adding your content, click the "Design" tab.

Here, you choose the colors of your page, link shape and style, and add a background. 

Want some help with design? 

Learn More ->

Create a Flowpage Step 4 1 (1)

Step 5. Publish it

Once you're ready for your Flowpage to go live, hit the "Save" button and your page will be live and ready to share with the world!

Create a Flowpage Step 5

How to Share your Flowpage 

Step 1. Copy the URL

Step 2. Add to your bio

Share your Flowpage
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Want to connect your existing Flowcode QR to your new Flowpage?


1. Select the code you want to update from your "My Flowcodes" page. 

2. Under the code, click on the "Edit Codes Details" dropdown.

3. Under "Edit Destination", update the Website URL to your new Flowpage link. 

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What are you waiting for? 

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