How to create a Flowcode QR Code

Flowcode makes it so easy to get started with beautiful and dynamic codes that never expire!

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Make your Flowcode in 4 steps

Step 1. Select your destination

Set your Flowcode to scan to your site, a video, social accounts, connect to wifi, a file, or anything you can think of! 

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Step 2. Enter your URL 

Enter your site URL, video link, upload your file, or connect your social accounts. Don't forget, you can update your code destination anytime! 


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Step 3. Design your code

Choose a pattern, select your colors, and select a theme. Don't forget to add your logo! 

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Step 4. Download and Share 

The easiest way to connect with your audience is to share your code with them! Download your code and add it to marketing, add your code to one of our free templates, or have us print it for you!

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Want to Change where you send your audience? 


1. Select the code you want to update from your "My Flowcodes" page. 

2. Under the code, click on the "Edit Codes Details" dropdown.

3. Enter the updated URL you want to take your audience. Or, change your code to an email, text, video, survey, connect to Wifi, or anything else you can imagine!

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